My new Wire and Tube Cutting Jig is here!

My new Wire and Tube Cutting Jig is here!

The Jayne Redman® Wire and Tube Cutting Jig is the perfect tool for hands free cutting of a wide range of materials and dimensions. Move the Stop up or down the 6″ Jig body and screw down the knurled knob to set the length of wire or tubing for your project. A 2mm setback in the V Channel Insert allows a smaller gauge wire to slide under the Stop and not slip up when the wire is cut. The backside of the V Channel does not have a setback. To use the flush side of the Jig, slide the Stop off the Jig and rotate so that the knurled knob is on the left. Slide the Stop back on the Jig. You will now be able to slide the Stop down the entire length of the jig to cut smaller gauge wire or tubing less than 2mm long.

Use the saw guide left or right handed by unscrewing the Thumbscrew and inserting it into the Saw Guide from the opposite end. Rotate the Saw Guide with the V Channel on top and screw the Thumbscrew into the Jig, lining up the Stabilizing Plug in the adjacent hole. Remove the Saw Guide entirely to flush cut wire.

For Hands free use screw through the beveled hole in the upper left of the Jig and into your bench top. Or remove one of the screws from the Aluminum surface of your Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin. Use it to screw directly through both the beveled hole in the upper left of the Jig and the Aluminum Surface into the Rotational base.

Go to Shop Tools for more information.

2020 Workshops!

2020 Workshops!

My 2020 Calendar is here! Plan your summer vacation and come to beautiful southern Maine in August. Elizabeth Lyne will be back teaching Imagery on Die Formed Silver with me at my studio. Go to Riverview Workshops at Jayne Redman Studio to register. If my dates don’t fit with your schedule get in touch to set up a custom workshop just for you!

I will be teaching National Workshops in Texas, California, Ohio, Colorado, Missouri, Massachusetts and Maryland. Go to National Workshops with Jayne Redman to see class descriptions and to register.

Download 2020 Workshop Calendar

New Tools!

New Tools!

The Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin System has two new Purple Heart Wood work surfaces – the Mini Pin and the Ring Pin. Both measure 5 inches by 3 inches and fit on all three base styles. The new Plier Stand is the main component of the Jayne Redman® Bench Accessories System. The components can be combined to create multiple stands using either Purple Heart Wood or Aluminum Legs. For more info go to the Tools page.


Spring workshops are just around the corner!

Spring workshops are just around the corner!


Please join me for these inspiring workshops in the Midwest and at my own studio in Maine!

Making Multiples with Blanking Dies:

March 12 – 13, Flux Metal Arts in Mentor, Ohio–workshops.html

April 1 – 3, Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, Illinois

April 6 – 7, Brighton Beads and More in Brighton, Michigan


Advanced Blanking Dies – Combination Dies:

April 8 – 10, Brighton Beads and More in Brighton, Michigan


Workshops at Jayne Redman Studios, Westbrook, Maine:

May 9 – 10, Making Multiples with Blanking Dies 
May 11 – 12, Tools and Jigs for Multiples multiples/ 
May 13 -14, Open Studio



Updated website launch!

I am thrilled to introduce the new updated! Thank you Karen McLaughlin of KM Digital Design for creating such a beautiful site!

Visit Shop to purchase jewelry from a selection of my award winning Floraforms® Collection, find out Where to Buy from stores around the country, and go to Wholesale Purchasing to login to a retailers only section for wholesale information including the latest catalogue and pricing.

“Workshops” will give you the opportunity to view descriptions and get links to all of my National Workshops. My Riverview Workshops at Jayne Redman Studio will be available for registration and payment right on the site. Visit About the Studio for links to information about the Greater Portland, Maine area.

These are but a few of the new features of! Enjoy exploring them all!

Rio Grande Winter Workshop Series

Rio Grande Winter Workshop Series

Join me at Rio Grande in Albuquerque, NM for The Winter Workshop Series. I will be teaching two workshops in Blanking Dies and Pattern development January 27-28 and 29-30.

Jewelry Workshops at Rio Grande