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The Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin and Bench Accessories Systems are the perfect work tools for your jeweler’s bench.

About The Tools…

Jayne Redman® Wire and Tube Cutting Jig

The Jayne Redman® Wire and Tube Cutting Jig is the perfect tool for hands free measuring and cutting of a wide range of materials and dimensions. Move the Stop up or down the 6" Jig body and screw down the knurled knob to set the length of wire or tubing for your...

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Jayne Redman® Bench Accessories System

The Jayne Redman® Bench Accessory System allows you to combine components to create a custom tool organizer. The System consists of an Aluminum Body section and either an Aluminum or Purple Heart Wood Leg Set. The Aluminum Body has a top slot on one side and a bottom...

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Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin

The Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin is the perfect work surface for your jeweler’s bench. The interchangeable surfaces are aluminum and purple heart wood. Both the aluminum and large wood surfaces are 5 inches wide and 6 inches long. The new Mini Pin and Ring Pin...

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