Jayne Redman Kits are created especially for students who are registered for National or Jayne Redman Studio workshops.

Jayne Redman Kits are only sold as is, in full sets.
All Kits include shipping.

If needed, you may purchase additional class list tools “a-la-cart” in the Student Shop to add to your Kit box.

The Jayne Redman® Rotational WorkRing Set with Ring and Dovetail Adaptor


The Jayne Redman® Rotational WorkRing System by Swanstrom was designed by Tim Sheriff of Swanstrom Tools USA in collaboration with Jeweler – Educator Jayne Redman. The WorkRing Set with Dovetail Adaptor includes the Rotational WorkRing Base with a
4.5” WorkRing, Jayne Redman® Dovetail Adaptor, and Hardware.

Eliminate muscle fatigue and soreness using the WorkRing System as it securely holds metal or other materials, such as wood and plastic for you, while you saw, carve, texture, engrave, set stones, or utilize other metalsmithing techniques.