Rotational Bench Pin: Dovetail Rotating Base

$98.00 $88.00


For use with the Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin.
The Jayne Redman® Dovetail Rotating Base is used with the Dovetail Mounting Plate to allow quick removal of your Work Surface. Simply lift up, sliding the Bench Pin off of the Mounting Plate to present a flat bench front. Loosen the 3/8″ socket head screw with the large hex wrench provided to rotate your work surface 360 degrees, tightening again at any angle. A small hex wrench is provided to attach any Jayne Redman® Work Surface to the top of the Base. The Jayne Redman® Dovetail Rotating Base is compatible with any dovetail mounting system such as GRS®.

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